Starting Over in Historic Dublin, Ireland

Episode HHINT-2801H

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  • July 18, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

Partners Paul Somers and Raul Ruiz loved Chicago ? but now Paul's new job has them starting over on the Emerald Isle. Life in Dublin should be an exciting adventure, but challenges lie ahead: Raul needs to find a job, and finding an apartment won't be easy either. While the market continues to rebound from the recent recession, renting has become the safer ? and preferred ? option, driving up demand and prices. Real estate agent Damian Dillon has the tough task of finding something city center that caters to their desire for an authentic Dublin experience. But as Paul and Raul quickly find out ? the charms of Georgian architecture don't always match up with the reality of 19th century living. Will the appeal of modern convenience alter their traditional plans? Or will old-fashioned allure prove too strong? Find out when House Hunters travels to historic Dublin, Ireland.