Space in the City of Brussels, Belgium

Episode HHINT-6104H

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For almost fifteen years, Esther Ndichu has called Atlanta home. From her friends to the weather, she has loved everything about her time in Georgia, but as of late it feels like something has been missing. Her older sister Jennifer lives in England with her two kids and the distance apart is making Esther rethink where she wants to be. So when an opportunity to become a logistics manager in Brussels came up within her company, Esther jumped at the chance to not only give her career a boost but also to be closer to Jennifer. Being in Belgium will make it easier for Jennifer to come and visit her sister, so Esther is hoping to find an apartment that can easily host her family's visits. But, considering Esther is single and her sister won't be there the majority of the time, she also really wants to find an apartment in walking distance to bustling downtown Brussels. Unfortunately, finding a centrally-located and spacious apartment at her $2,300-a-month budget is not going to be an easy assignment for real estate agent Julie Vermeulen. Watch as Esther decides what is better for her new life in Belgium, living in a lively location or having space for her sister's short stays when House Hunters International visits Brussels.