Single professional relocates to Amsterdam

Episode HHINT-2601H

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Washington, DC resident Michael Dunkley, a single professional in the finance department of an Educational Software company, was offered a job transfer to one of the company's local offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Having a love of travel and a sense of adventure, Michael decided to seriously consider the opportunity . He knew nothing about Amsterdam but after a couple of business trips there he was sold. Leaving his single mother behind in Washington, DC was not easy for either of them as he is the only child and mother and son are very close. However, mom has always encouraged Michael to take life by the horns and to follow his dreams and passions. Though she is sad to see him move and will miss him, she is also looking forward to overseas visits and opening up her own world to the newness of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. As for Michael, he seeks to purchase a one bedroom home or apartment close to work, canals and a good social scene in the city center. He also desires a home that will enable him to customize the space and put his own personal stamp on it according to his budget of $360,000 US dollars.