Single Costa Rican Mom Wants a Fresh Start With a Brand New Condo on the Beach

Episode HHINT-1301H

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Now that her daughter Paola is a teenager, Rebeca Zuniga wants to get her out of the crowded big city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Rebeca's a business consultant who can work from home, so she wants to pack them up and move them into a brand new home in the laid back beach town of Playa Hermosa. As a single mom Rebeca has a limited budget, so she's relying on her real estate agent Dean Studebaker to help her get a deal. With Paola along for the tours, they check out a move-in-ready 3 bedroom condo priced at $575,000, a 2 bedroom condo with access to a private beach club that's priced at $485,000 and a 3 bedroom condo with an amazing ocean view that's listed for $585,000. With just one big decision to make, Rebeca and Paola will get to start their new lives by the beach.


    • Dean Studebaker, Agent, Compass Group International