Setting Sail to Amsterdam, Holland

Episode HHINT-2202H

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Steve used to be a country-hopping bachelor. But after living in England and the USA, he found his way to Vancouver and into girlfriend Marleen's heart. Canada, however, doesn't feel like home to Marleen, who misses her family and friends. So Steve plans to set sail once again, this time to Amsterdam. But this adventerous couple isn't looking for any old house - they want to live their new life the Dutch way on a houseboat on one of the city's many canals. Their budget of $700,000 shouldn't be a problem for Real Estate Agent Charles Grayson, but Steve wants a real boat. Marleen? She wants an ark, which is a house situated on the water. Finding a new home on the water that these two can agree on will be quite a challenge, especially when they're faced with little space, low ceilings, and gawking tourists. But that's just life on the canals as House Hunters sails to Amsterdam, Holland.


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