Seeking Success in Taiwan

Episode HHINT-3308H

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  • June 04, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

Hailing from a longstanding tradition of travel, it was Matt Gibson's dream to pursue a career as an adventure travel writer. But work in his native British Columbia, Canada was hard to come by. After a string of odd jobs, Matt's decided to go to Taiwan ? an affordable country with easy access to other Asian destinations. Matt quickly fell in love with the southwestern city of Tainan. Now, he's back home in Canada to say his goodbyes before making Tainan his permanent home. With a dearth of writers in the area, Taiwan is an untapped market and Matt is looking forward to finally making his mark on the world of adventure travel writing. But before he can get started, he needs to find a suitable live-work space. With a small ex-pat community and very few English speakers, navigating Tainan's rental market is a formidable task. Will Matt opt for a beach-side dwelling in Tainan's newest neighborhood? Or will he choose a more traditional lifestyle among the city's oldest residents? Find out when House Hunters International navigates the ancient alleyways of Tainan, Taiwan!