Seeking a Gem on the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten

Episode HHINT-5813H

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  • August 12, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

As a trained gemologist, Hilary Grant has learned to hone her eye to spot even the tiniest of flaws. This ability has opened the door for her to be recruited from California to apply her skills at a jewelry store in the Caribbean. Unfortunately for her husband Shawn, this attention to detail is not something she can easily turn off and on. Hilary is not shy about wanting the finest things in life and is willing to stretch their $2,900 a month budget to land the perfect place close to work. Shawn is not as flexible on budget, but as long as he has a space for a home office, he won't sweat the small stuff. But as they are both about to learn, any property in St. Maarten's expensive rental market comes with concessions. Watch as paradise is put under the microscope when House Hunters International visits the Dutch country of St. Maarten.