Rome, If You Want To

Episode HHINT-4710H

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  • September 02, 2014

    1:30 PM e/p

Cristina Parenti grew up in Rome but moved to the United States to study at Temple University, like her mother before her. Cristina got her degree and met her husband, Shawn Slon, while living in Philadelphia. After living together for two years, Shawn and Cristina married. Now, after five years in the United States, Cristina misses her family and wishes to be closer to her hometown. Shawn has agreed to leave his family behind and move back to Rome with his new bride. Shawn is struggling to learn Italian, but he has romantic dreams of his own private balcony where he can drink Italian coffee and watch the scooters go by. Cristina, however, has different priorities as she is more focused on their budget and the apartment's proximity to her family and friends. These two young lovers need to figure out how both can get what they want. Find out when House Hunters International visits Rome, Italy!