Relocating to Ronda, Spain

Episode HHINT-2206H

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For UK native Nick, life in England has run its course so he's looking to rev up a little spark in romantic Ronda, Spain, where his parents own a nearby hotel and his girlfriend Pilar awaits. Nick and his new lady want to buy a love nest in Ronda Spain, but when the hunt begins they uncover a difference of opinion. She wants traditional - and she wants it right now. He wants a rustic modern mix - and he wants to take his time to find it. And with space in the center of Ronda at a premium, neither are prepared for the sacrafices they might have to make. Real Estate Agent Thom Pearson guides them through the cobblestone streets of Ronda, and even shows them what their $270,000 budget can buy outside of town. But in this birthplace of modern bullfighting, will the divide between Nick and Pilar be too big to conquer? Find out when House Hunters journeys to breathtaking Ronda, Spain.