Rediscovering Roots in the Historic City of Berlin

Episode HHINT-3512H

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  • June 12, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

Derek & Laura are newly wed and reside in the city of Boston. Laura is a Forensic Psychologist and is able to work from home but Derek on the other hand, is starting up business ventures in Europe and that means he must now live in Europe. Both Derek and Laura have a common bond to the country of Germany. Laura was born in Lawrence, Germany and Derek grew up in Munich and also spent part of his childhood in Berlin. Berlin is the capital city of Europe's largest economy and with it's geographically centered position in Western Europe, Derek realized Berlin is the perfect place to start up an investment business with clients throughout Europe. Derek and Laura love pre-war architecture but might be swayed by the modern amenities of the newer buildings found in Berlin. Will Derek & Laura find the right investment? Or have to withdraw? Find out when House Hunters International banks into Berlin, Germany.