Providence Couple Hunts for Their First Apartment in Bangkok Thailand

Episode HHINT-1611H

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Linda dropped a bomb shell on her boyfriend Mitch when she told him about a job offer she landed in Bangkok, Thailand. Mitch is dedicated to the relationship and managed to pull some strings at work to be able to join her on this exciting adventure of a life time. Now the two are headed to Thailand to hunt for apartments together. Since they've never actually shopped for a place together they are quickly realizing their differences in wants and style. Linda is less concerned with minute details and more focused on living close to her new job. Mitch is an experienced property owner and is more focused on style and layout. To help mediate the debate they've hired professional realtor Joshua "Cobby" Leathers. He represents both single family homes for rent and modern high-rise apartments. Cobby will do his part, but at the end of the day, Mitch and Linda will need to hash out their differences before settling on the best place to live. All when House Hunters travels to Bangkok, Thailand.