Permanent Sabbatical in Salta, Argentina

Episode HHINT-2809H

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  • November 11, 2013

    2:00 PM e/p

With successful careers and a house in Brooklyn, New Yorkers Noah Edelblum and Leigh Shulman were happy with their version of the American dream. Then came daugher Lila, and the city they once loved became a tight fit for this family of three. They decided to leave the city behind and travel the world. 3 years later, they landed in Salta and the rest was history. This small city in the Northern tip of Argentina offers the family friendly atmosphere they were craving. But its growing fast and so are home prices. With a $300,000 budget and construction around every corner, Real Estate Agent Ramiro Costa has a tough challenge to find this family a home that offers both access these New Yorkers need and the slower pace they desire, especially when Leigh and Noah aren't on the same page. With options both convienient and remote, old and new - what will the couple have to compromise to finally set roots? Find out when House Hunters International discovers Salta, Argentina.