On the auction block in Bergen, Norway

Episode HHINT-2903H

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Washington native Sasha Jorgensen-Muga headed to the stunning harbor city of Bergen, Norway for a short time to study. But shortly after enrolling in a first-aid course, she met her future husband John Philip Dahl and her path was changed forever. Once they decided to settle in Bergen for good, they started preparing to navigate Norway's home auction system. Homes are typically viewed hastily one day and auctioned off by 12 noon the next. A budget of $250,000 doesn't get a lot of square footage, something Sasha will have to get used to. Real Estate Agent Per Magne Birkeland shows them 3 options all within their budget, but each with some serious pros and cons. Sasha and John Philip will have to decide whether they want to bid on space or location. And in this market, they'll have to do it fast. Will the pressure be too much? Find out when House Hunters drops into Bergen, Norway.