No Worries in Mission Beach, Australia

Episode HHINT-4610H

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  • July 06, 2014

    2:30 PM e/p

Emma's fashionista and party girl persona was fine as an escape from her nine to five office job, but now that she's grown tired of it, she is ready to drastically simplify things. It took only a quick search for Emma to decide on the polar opposite of Leeds in Mission Beach, Australia. The lure of living beachfront immediately drew her in, but making this move without much planning or even a job waiting for her there is definitely a risky venture. Fortunately for Emma, she has found Jasmine Baker, a local chef, as a roommate to help ease the transition. The one thing Jasmine may have a difficult time with is how they will be able to afford a spacious apartment that equally fits her wishes for a big kitchen with Emma's unwavering desire for living seaside. Will they be able to find a place that will please them both at their $1,500 a month budget or is their new friendship already starting out in rough waters? Find out when House Hunters International takes in the unblemished beauty of Mission Beach, Australia.