Newlyweds in Stockholm, Sweden

Episode HHINT-2109H

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  • June 25, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

Brandon and Hanna met in college, and got married right after graduation. But Hanna is homesick for her native Sweden, and Brandon is tempted by a free post-graduate education at Sweden's famous Royal Academy, so the couple sell off their few worldly possessions and fly nearly five thousand miles to start married life together in Stockholm. Having scraped together nearly $250,000, they're expecting to find a roomy flat near the trendy Kungsholmen district in central Stockholm ? and they're counting on real estate agent Mikeal to make it happen. But Stockholm is crowded and expensive, and available listings are sold so fast that the local agents depend on text messaging to keep up. The couple quickly realizes how little their $250,000 budget will actually buy them, and realize they might have to make an uncomfortable compromise as House Hunters International sets off for Stockholm, Sweden.


    • Mikael Sjoholm
      Svensk Fastightesformedling Kungsholmen
      Office: +46 8 650 6000