Michiganians In Paris

Episode HHINT-1507H

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Chuck Nemecek's company has moved him to Paris, France. He's already there and hard at work. His wife, Jennifer, was excited at the idea of moving the family abroad, but thought things would move a bit slower. Turns out they were able to sell their house in the states only a week after they put it on the market and soon they'll be homeless. There's another problem: Chuck hasn't been able to find his family a new home in Paris fast enough. Now Jennifer and the kids are going to join Chuck in France and all four of them will live in a one bedroom hotel room until they can find a place that suits their needs -- and budget. They are looking for a 3 bedroom property in the northern suburbs of Paris. They would like to be close to the trains and a decent commute both to Chuck's work and the school they have chosen for their son. Jennifer has given up her job, they have given away their two dogs and they sold their beautiful home they were so fond of. They only hope that the property their realtor finds will make all of this change worthwhile.


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