Long Distance Lovers Look for a Love Nest in Provence, France

Episode HHINT-6001H

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  • October 03, 2014

    11:30 PM e/p

  • October 03, 2014

    2:30 AM e/p

After two and a half years, Cheryse, an interior design student in Florida, and her boyfriend Sebastien, a chef in Massachusetts, are done with long distance dating. So, they make a move, get engaged, and relocate to his native France. Although life in Provence should be slower paced than the U.S., the couple soon find themselves overwhelmed with finding a place to live and planning their wedding. And, to top it off, Sebastien is in the midst of launching a food truck business with his brother. As the couple searches for a starter home, they struggle to find a flat with secure parking for his truck and that's similar in size to American homes. Find out if the challenge brings them together or tears them apart when House Hunters International gets hitched in Provence, France.