Kicking it in Tokyo, Japan

Episode HHINT-3112H

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  • November 11, 2013

    3:30 PM e/p

Chuck's martial arts career is successful. And very international. Ten years ago, he made the move into action films and found success in Asia. But after traveling back and forth, this Michigan native is ready to settle down. His girlfriend Mari is from Tokyo so both of them agreed Japan will be their final stop. But even in the far east, the pull betwen city and suburbs is hard to deny. Chuck doesn't want to live in a concrete jungle. But Mari is ready to be close to her parents in Tokyo city once again. And their $1300 dollar a month rental budget won't get them a ton of space. Real Estate Agent Fumi Kimura has an idea. If they live in Kanagawa, a suburb of Tokyo, they might be able to get everything they want at the right price. But they will have to stomach long commutes and long walks. Chuck and Mari must decide if traditional suburban space is worth the sacrifice. Or if the city center - with is tight quarters - is worth the convienience. What will they decide? Find out when House Hunters International kicks its way through Tokyo, Japan.