A Trulli Happy Life in Puglia, Italy

Episode HHINT-2112H

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Susan is fed up with her busy life as a paramedic in Glasgow and looking for a permanent vacation far away from the stresses of city life. After visiting the magical region of Puglia, Italy for years, she's finally making the leap from tourist to resident. The native whimsical architecture, known as Trulli, caught her eye and Susan's wants to her own cluster to call home. Susan's wish list is long - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, space for her large furniture and a pool with a view. If anyone can check all the boxes, it will be Real Estate Agent and Trulli specialist Gabriella Dragone. But once Susan makes the 1400 mile journey with best friend Louise, she discovers that the price of owning one of these pieces of history is higher than her $225,000 budget and aren't quite as "move-in ready" as she'd hoped. It turns out, this hopeful newcomer might have to shell out a little more cash to really live "La Dolce Vita", when House Hunters heads to enchanting Puglia, Italy.