In Search of Adventure in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Episode HHINT-2110H

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After an adventure-filled horseback-riding trip to Mongolia, businessman Trevor Syrad realized his life back in the UK had lost its' luster. So Trevor decided to give himself a fresh start in Mongolia, and open an English-language school. But Mongolia has only recently emerged from years of Communist rule, and modern Western-style housing isn't easily found, even in the capital city of Ulan Bator. Fortunately, Trevor's Assistant Jakhlan is a Mongolian native, and she's arranged a temporary apartment near the vibrant center of Ulan Bator. Trevor is tempted to buy the apartment outright for less than his $150,000 budget, but decides to explore all his options with the help of real estate agent Chris De Gruben. In the process, Chris and Jakhlan teach Trevor about life in Ulan Bator, where ancient customs, modern problems, and breathtaking scenery create a world where there's never a dull moment, as House Hunters International heads to Ulan Bator, Mongolia.


    • Christopher de Gruben
      M.A.D. - Corporate Services in Mongolia
      Office: (00976) 95853377