Hunting for Apartments in the Paris of the South

Episode HHINT-1610H

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Marisa and Mark decided it was time to move back to the city where Marisa grew up: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of the South and besides Marisa wishing to return there, the decision to move was motivated by the business opportunities for tourism professionals. Both Mark and Marisa specialize in this industry and they're eyeing Buenos Aires a great place to set up an office. And now that the move is becoming a reality, there are a few other realities they have to contend with. In Buenos Aires, home buyers need to pay cash only for property. That means having a professional realtor to safely broker a deal is more important than ever. The couple has put their faith in realtor Pablo Goldemberg to offer up some great apartments around town and to professionally broker a cash deal. Happy hunting!


    • Pablo Goldemberg, Agent, Pirka Group