Hip Edinburgh Flat

Episode HHINT-1501H

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Karl Pfaffenbach's life took a huge turn in late 2007. The manufacturing company he works for sent him overseas from New York state to Edinburgh, Scotland. He found an expatriate social group and while attending a social event met Rachel. Soon Karl told her of his interest in buying real estate in downtown Edinburgh. Since Rachel has been a great guide for Karl and has helped immerse him in Edinburgh life, he's asked her to help in his house hunt...or rather -- his cool, hip Edinburgh apartment flat hunt. She recommended a local real estate company, Destiny Scotland, and soon Karl met Andrew Landsburgh, his realtor. Andrew is hip to the downtown market scene there and Karl couldn't be in better hands. Time to buy a bachelor pad!


    • Andrew Landsburgh
      Destiny Scotland
      Website: www.destinyscotland.com