Higher Learning in Lyon, France

Episode HHINT-3106H

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  • September 30, 2013

    2:00 PM e/p

Sasha Steiner met a dashing Frenchman in Portland, Oregon. But Brian was only in town for a year. Not wanting to lose the relationship, she decided to pack up 2 suitcases and head to his tiny hometown of Genas, France. Now they're living with Brian's parents in his childhood bedroom, but these students don't plan to stay for long; they're heading to nearby Lyon to finish school. Brian's worried their different cultures will clash as they look for their first home together. Agent Luc Grange hopes he can find a rental in their $1100 dollar budget that meets their specfiic wishes - close to school in the center of town, a nice living room for Brian, and a big kitchen for aspiring chef Sasha. But in France's second largest city, space isn't cheap. Sasha and Brian will have to decide what's more important - being close to school or having the space of their dreams. For this young couple, agreement doesn't come easy...or cheap. School's in session, when House Hunters International studies in Lyon, France