Hacienda Style in Historic Merida

Episode HHINT-1513H

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Three years working in Japan and living in a boxed-sized apartment has Rob and Erich burned out. But all for not. They've saved every penny and are now back at Erich's mom's house in Toronto, Canada plotting their next move. Wanting a slower pace of life in a tropical locale, they've decided to start anew by buying a renovated home in historic Merida, Mexico. But their first attempt at buying a home there imploded and that disaster, and lost down payment, could have been avoided if they hired a professional realtor. Enter their new licenced agent Eric Partney. With years of experience, aka "Agent Eric" will make sure the house hunt is done right this time around. It won't be long before Erich and Rob are out of mom's place and living it up in the Yucatan.


    • Eric Partney, Agent, Mexico International Real Estate
      Website: http://www.mexintl.com/