Going Dutch in Gouda, Holland

Episode HHINT-4305H

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  • February 14, 2014

    4:00 PM e/p

Jan-Joost and Dawn-Marie, are getting ready for the next phase of their life: marriage. Their wedding is only a few months away and they want to start their new life in a new home. They have both always dreamed of living in an historical property, but in industrial Rotterdam, this isn't possible. The Medieval city of Gouda is only a short drive away and is full of old properties for these two to fall in love with, but a special request from artist Dawn-Marie may put a spanner in the works. She wants a house with enough space for an art studio, so she can paint from home. Jan-Joost, is focused on finding a home before they tie the knot and he knows the need for a studio space will only limit the hunt. Will they find their nest before the wedding party arrives? Find out when House Hunters International goes Dutch in Gouda.