Geologists Uproot their Kids from Australia to Tackle New Ground in Ghana

Episode HHINT-6212H

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  • July 19, 2014

    6:30 PM e/p

Bill and Chrissie met while studying geology in University. After graduating, they married and had three children. They've been raising their family together as a team until Bill took on a fly in, fly out geology job in Africa. Because Bill worked away for weeks at a time, Chrissie was stuck single parenting, and the kids rarely saw their father. Done with dad being a stranger in his own home, the family decided to make a major move and relocate to Kumasi, Ghana to live closer to Bill's new job. To absorb the shock of moving away from their comfortable lives in Newcastle, Australia, Bill and Chrissie hoped to find a four-bedroom home with a pool, garden, and good security. But once they arrived they quickly learned their $2,000 a month budget wouldn't cover their wish-list, and swimming pools were few and far between in Kumasi. Find out if the family finds a home that helps them settle in Africa when House Hunters International uncovers new ground in Ghana.