Fleeing to Fredrikstad, Norway

Episode HHINT-2105H

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Bjorn and Tressa are trading suburban luxury for life in the land in the midnight sun, but they're finding out that what comes standard back in the states is completely foreign here. A move to Bjorn's native land is the only way he can trade his job as a ship's engineer to one on dry land. While this means more time for the family, Tressa and the kids might be in for a few surprises. Not only is Bjorn afraid of the culture shock that Tressa may experience but they must leave behind all of their loving friends and family. Today, Fredrikstad's historic buildings are considered classic examples of Norwegian style, but for Tressa, whose dream house is an American house that's set in Norway, that's not necessarily a good thing. Fortunately real estate agent, Stian Huse has a few tricks up his sleeve that just may help them. With a busted budget of $500,000 they're ready to try just about anything as House Hunters International sets sail for the windy coastal town of Fredrikstad, Norway.


    • Huse Stian,Realtor,Postbanken Eiendom
      PB 400, 1703 Sarpsborg