Flash in the Panama

Episode HHINT-5112H

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Tune In

  • October 07, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

Roberto and Marla Diaz had been living a laid back life in Orange County California with their daughter Lily and Roberto's son Garrett, but a gradual decline in their children's book business led to Roberto seeking employment elsewhere. A new opportunity in Roberto's home country of Panama has led this family of surfing enthusiasts to head south towards the Panama Canal, but leaving California won't be as simple as packing their bags, as Roberto's son Garrett will be remaining in Orange County with his mother for school. Moving on to the next phase of their lives won't be easy without Garrett, and a conflicting set of priorities between Roberto and Marla will make this house hunt a challenge.  Roberto wants to live near work to maximize his time with family, but Marla isn't leaving her life in California for a sterile high-rise apartment. She wants ample outdoor space in which to garden, practice yoga and play with her daughter. Watch House Hunters International to see if Roberto will get his wish of living close to the city, or if Marla's love of the outdoors prevails in Panama.