Family Time in Roatan, Honduras

Episode HHINT-6312H

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  • May 02, 2014

    10:30 PM e/p

  • May 02, 2014

    1:30 AM e/p

Being able to stay focused is one of the reasons IT consultant Elizabeth Grace, was good at her job. She was able build a comfortable life for her family in Petaluma, California and free up her wife Jasmine to be a stay at home mom to their son, Kaden. Jasmine has enjoyed spending time with him, but now that he is a year old, she's worried that Elizabeth is missing out on seeing him grow. They decided that the Bay Island of Roatan would the best place to focus on their family. The problem is, deciding where that house should be. Elizabeth is reluctant to buy a car so being in walking distance to all the amenities of the West End area is her top priority. Jasmine feels a home in West Bay will give them a serene setting to enjoy quiet time together. Watch as Elizabeth and Jasmine try to slow things down and give hanging out a try, in Roatan, Honduras.