Evan and Maria-Isabel Set Out to a Find Home in Historic Granada, Nicaragua That is Both Relaxing, and Convenient to the Restaurant They Own

Episode HHINT-1203H

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Evan, who is from the Midwest, and Maria-Isabel who is from Nicaragua, own a restaurant together in historic Granada, Nicaragua. They are ready to buy a home but don't exactly agree on where. Evan wants to be as close to their restaurant in the city center as he can get, while Maria-Isabel is seeking a quieter, possibly more distant refuge. They both agree on size: 2 bedrooms plus an office, and on style: they like historic homes, and appreciate architectural authenticity. They also like to entertain and would like a hip space to do so. Real Estate Agent Sean Dennis shows them an historic home in the heart of town. Evan and Maria-Isabel love the home's authentic details and view of the cathedral, but Maria-Isabel is concerned about noise. Next Sean shows them a Colonial Reproduction a few minutes outside the center of town. Evan and Maria-Isabel are charmed by the fine finishes, courtyard pool, and rooftop deck, but they are disappointed in the home's lack of authenticity -- since it is a reproduction -- and worry about its ability to retain its value. Also, Maria-Isabel is still hoping for something more tranquil. Finally, Sean shows them a private island home on the lake. He explains that the lake is home to 365 ''isletas'' or private islands, and that this one could be their very own. The island home has a 2 bedroom home, and a 2 bedroom guest house, and beautiful natural landscaping. Evan and Maria-Isabel are wowed by the property, but concerned about the price, and the difficult commute (by boat). They weigh the pros and cons of each property, and ultimately choose the first house they saw - the authentic colonial in the heart of town. Their restaurant is just 2 blocks away, they love the proximity to friends and to all that the city has to offer, and Maria-Isabel finds that when the centuries old doors are shut, she cannot hear the noisy street outside. They love their new haven in the city.


    • Sean Dennis, Agent, Century 21 Gold Coast Realty
      Nicaragua, Rivas, San Juan del Sur.
      505 804 6648