Escape to Barcelona, Spain

Episode HHINT-2107H

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For years Julia's work schedule has been more than overwhelming, but her heart is 6,000 miles away. After taking a trip to Barcelona, she fell in love with the culture, people, and architecture. To reconnect with her spirit and close friends Julie grabs the next flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona, Spain. Unless you're a local, buying property in Barcelona can be a tough nut to crack, but estate agent Benny Mouckley's specialty is helping foreigners fit in. With a $340,000 budget, Julia wants to find a place close to the beach, with lots of character, and close to amenities. However, in Barcelona, the buildings are a lot older and the apartments are a lot smaller. Space, style, and proximity to the beach come at a premium, so Benny has his work cut out for him. Can she find solace and a home along the Spanish Riviera, or will tension rear its ugly head here too? Find out when House Hunters International lands in Barcelona, Spain.


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