Dallas Natives Relocate to London

Episode HHINT-3113H

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  • October 31, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

Claudia is a corporate event planner whose company is expanding globally. As a result she, along with husband Fred and their 18 month old son Brennan, are moving from their spacious Dallas home to London, England. Fortunately, Fred is a photographer with several clients in Europe so he is able to work anywhere and hopes being closer to these clients will benefit his career as well. After doing preliminary property research online, the couple is experiencing some minor anxiety about how far the dollar stretches in London and how much space you get for the money compared to in the states. They've already determined that to get more indoor and outdoor space, they will focus their search in the suburbs rather than central London. Hopefully their real estate agent Gavin will find them a spacious rental property that delivers on their Dallas standards. Will they be able to emulate the home they're leaving behind? Or will they have to make compromises they are not comfortable with while spending more in the process? Find out when House Hunters International moves from Dallas, Texas to the suburbs of London, England.