Cruise Ship Employees Want a Condo on Dry Land and Have Chosen the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten.

Episode HHINT-1411H

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Dia is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but lives onboard a cruise ship for most of the year, working as a singer. Her boyfriend Garo is a sound engineer on the same ship. Their favorite cruises are through the Caribbean, and they've gotten to the point where they want a place of their own in the islands so they can spend even more time there. They've chosen St. Maarten, mostly because of its fun atmosphere. Their budget for a getaway condo is $300,000 and the main thing they are looking for is no renovations. That's because back home in Oklahoma, Dia has been renovating her home for several years and it's the last thing she wants to be doing on vacation too. The first place real estate agent Dwain Carbon shows them is listed for $290,000. It's a one bedroom, one bath condo with a fabulous ocean view. But the development is popular with retirees, and Dia and Garo were hoping for a more youthful vibe. The second place is brand new construction, in fact the units are not even completed. This condo, too, has one bedroom and one bath, but no view. However, the condo complex has a fun, inviting, modern vibe. It's listed for $295,000. The third place is listed for $295,000, and is much larger than the other two. It has three bedrooms and two and a half baths, which would give them plenty of room for company. But the location of the complex is not ideal, as it would mean a significant drive into town or to the beach. Which condo will Dia and Garo choose as their island getaway? Find out, when House Hunters International sails to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.


    • Dwain Carbon, Agent, Coldwell Banker St. Maarten, NA