Country Homes Outside Prague Czech Republic

Episode HHINT-1613H

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David and Jana Broderick consider themselves city people. But after having their daughter Sophie they felt moving to the countryside outside Prague would be healthier and more convenient. Deciding on the right type of house may present a challenge as David believes that no house can have too much space He thinks finding a fixer upper is fine. Jana on the other hand grew up in a small apartment and doesn't want a place to be too big or need too much work. She's leery of buying a money pit. And now that the hunt for a country home is getting underway they've hired a good mediator: professional realtor John Breaux. John will show them homes with varying degrees of perfection: some closer to town, some that need work, and some more expensive than others. But at the end of the day, David and Jana will need to settle their differences and chose the right home for the whole family. Watch as David and Jana head to the hills outside historic Prague, Czech Republic.


    • John Breaux, Agent, Marathon Consulting Group