Country Home Versus City Home Along the Gold Coast of Australia

Episode HHINT-1609H

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  • July 25, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

Ellena and Matt have taken their children out of school, sold their family furniture business and are gearing up for a house hunt around Brisbane, Australia. Ellena was born and raised there and her folks are anxious to see the kids grow up. Matt is also looking forward to the warmer winters. However, Matt and Ellena haven't quite ironed out their differences on where the best location to live should be. Ellena is leaning towards buying a house in Brisbane proper -- where her folks live. But Matt wants to live out in the country more where he and the kids will have more green space to romp around. Will Ellena see Matt's argument for living further outside town or will Matt give in to living in the city? Even their professional realtor Robert Lindsay can't answer that question right now, but he'll do his best to mediate the debate. He's got plenty of properties to show Matt and Ellena in and outside Brisbane. And after Robert lays the cards on the table, it can only come down to one.


    • Robert Lindsay, Agent, Harcourts Ormeau