Costa Rican Getaway Goal

Episode HHINT-205

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Kate and Matt Shaw are always on the move. He's busy with a booming real estate business, and her days are filled with toting around their two small sons, Luke and Justin. Although they live near the beach in Jupiter, Fla., their day-to-day lives leave little time for surfer Matt to catch a wave, or for the family to have quality time together. They are ready to buy a vacation home in the Central American country of Costa Rica. Real estate agents Lourdes Brechu and Patrick Heaney hope to help the Shaws find a place where they can go to slam the brakes on their normally crazy pace.


    • Lourdes Brechu
      Real Estate Agent, Brechu Realty
    • Patrick Heaney
      Real Estate Representative, Resort Community of Iguanazul, Costa Rica
      Phone: 561-703-7210