Casting off to Cairns, Australia

Episode HHINT-2507H

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  • July 10, 2013

    12:30 PM e/p

During the long Finnish winters, Marianne Blomqvist longed for warm sunshine. During a trip down under to Cairns, Australia she found her utopia and vowed to one day make this Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef her home. Relocating from her small town in Finland to a big city like Cairns is overwhelming, so she's found a local friend, Kelly, to help her navigate the sprawling suburbs and a Real Estate Agent, Sandra Rowan, to help narrow them down. But one thing is certain: now that she's in the ideal location, Marianne won't let her $250 thousand dollar budget keep her from the home of her dreams - even if it means extensive renovating that could send her budget soaring. The question is: will she live out her fantasy on the waterfront or in the suburbs? Find out when House Hunters travels down under to Cairns, Australia.