Broadening Horizons in Munich, Germany

Episode HHINT-4606H

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  • March 15, 2014

    6:30 PM e/p

Czech Republic native Tereza came to the United States eight years ago on a tennis scholarship, but her homeland was never far from her mind. Even after falling in love with Scott and settling down in Kansas, Tereza had an eye to returning to Europe and living closer to her family. Her company has offices worldwide so when an opportunity came up in Munich, she and Scott decided to take the leap. Living in Germany puts them close to Tereza's family and right in the center of Europe. Scott had never traveled abroad before meeting Tereza, but credits his wife with broadening his horizons. But moving from a three-bedroom house to a one bedroom rental will surely take some getting used to. Watch what happens as House Hunters International explores Munich, Germany.