Blazing a New Trail in Krakow, Poland

Episode HHINT-4306H

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  • February 20, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

Because of his father's job, Jeff Coltharp has never been grounded to any place for longer than a couple of years and this fostered a love of traveling that has carried through to his adult life. Jeff was able to parlay this into a career where he could traverse the globe teaching English. It was on one of his stops to Ukraine where he met Katya, and being the first English speaker she spoke to, they quickly formed a bond and now are happily married. Katya is ready to spread her wings and Jeff is excited for her try something new so the couple have chosen to move to Krakow, Poland. Where they differ however is in how they will live once they get there - Jeff is more free-spirited and as long as there is room to teach in, he can justify almost any type of living situation. Katya on the other hand, is more practical and has a clear vision of wanting to live in an updated surrounding. Finding modernity and space, together in the coveted Old Town district is rare, so if they want to land a place there, they may need to be willing to stretch their $600 a month budget. Find out when House Hunters International tries to settle in the Royal Capital City of Krakow, Poland.