Being Belgian in Brussels

Episode HHINT-5509H

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Todd and Karin Smith have carved out a comfortable life for their family of four in Clear Lake, Minnesota. They enjoy taking their two boys outdoors and spending time with their tight knit extended family. Karin was content with the way things were but Todd's job transfer to Brussels, Belgium is turning her world upside down. Karin likes her American creature comforts and is reluctant to give them up. Todd sees this as an opportunity to not only advance his career but also broaden his family's horizons. He wants to experience everything the city has to offer, from its world-renowned chocolate and beer, to its historic architecture. One thing they can agree on, Brussels' notoriously congested traffic is something that has them both worried. Karin will have to take the boys to and from school, while Todd will have to drive to work, so they're both pushing hard to find a home that would cut down their commute. With the school and the office on opposite ends of town, real estate agent Steve Hubert will have a difficult time finding not only an ideal location, but also an affordable house that could ease Karin's transition to life in Belgium. Which location will win in the end, as House Hunters International gets a taste of Brussels, Belgium?