Beach Rentals in Martinique

Episode HHINT-3107H

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  • April 29, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

After just tying the knot, Kierie, a recent veterinarian graduate, and her French hubby Francois, an environmental engineer, are living in Kierie's old childhood bedroom in Boston. But with their extended stay at mom's house starting to feel cramped, Kierie wants to find vet work in a place she can really make a difference and Francois has always dreamed about exploring French cultures outside mainland France. With their hearts aligned and separate needs in mind, they're choosing the lush, Windward isle of Martinique as the perfect fit for them to settle down on--Kierie can work with the island's needy animals and Francois can enjoy his morning baguettes, baked up daily, on this off-shore department of France. Martinique, however, is also part of the European Union and real estate prices can rival those of Paris! So could tropical house hunting on a newlywed's budget be where this perfect honeymoon ends? Find out, with real estate agent Gregory Donatien, when House Hunters discovers the romance of Martinique's sandy beaches