Baja-liday Road

Episode HHINT-5012H

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  • November 04, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

When Justin Mecklenborg accepts a new job in Loreto Baja Mexico, his wife Tamra and their two kids and Labrador Sam load up the family wagon and head south from San Diego to the sunny shores of Mexico. But with Justin extremely busy at work, how will stay-at-home Mom Tamra adjust to life in a new country where she and her children don't even speak the language? Further complicating matters is the couple's apparent split on important issues surrounding their new home. While Justin prioritizes a short commute to work and plenty of space to entertain clients, Tamra is more concerned with the safety of her children and ensuring their new home has nothing that could be potentially hazardous to her two young kids. Will Justin relent and select a place that makes Tamra and the kids feel more at home or will Tamra and the needs of their kids take a back seat to career demands? Find out when House Hunters International goes to Baja!!