An Australian Couple Risks Their Savings So Their Daughter Can Have a More Cultural Life in Malaysia

Episode HHINT-6102H

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Janet and John have been together for over 30 years, and they enjoy a happy family life with their young daughter, Vivien. Although they love Sydney, they've longed for something more. Uprooting an entire family is never easy, but Vivien will enter junior high in a few short years, so now seems like the perfect time to make a move. With only the proceeds from the sale of their Sydney home to support them, they set off, sight unseen, to Penang in hopes that it will be the exotic island backdrop they've been longing for. Penang may be an expat friendly expanse, but with a finite budget and a host of family-friendly fears, this adventurous couple will need a little more than luck to make ends meet in Malaysia.