Americans in Umbria

Episode HHINT-3502H

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  • May 02, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

Michael and Julia had been living a hectic life in New York City when they decided to relocate to North Carolina to adjust their work-life balance. After travelling to Italy many times and discovering the beauty and splendor of Umbria, they decided that purchasing a second home there would be a perfect way to carry their love of the laidback lifestyle over to one of their favorite places in Europe. They look forward to enjoying local wines, perusing local markets, cooking traditional Italian meals and embracing the relaxed pace of this beautiful region. But first they must find a house. While Julia would prefer something a little more rural, Michael would rather be closer to a town center, maybe even within the town itself. Real estate agent Tiziana Mirgottini will show them how far their money will go in both country and city settings and then, the couple will have to decide: who will have to compromise the most? Find out when House Hunters International says 'ciao' to 'la dolce vita' in Umbria, Italy.