A Stone House in the South of France

Episode HHINT-1011H

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Terry and Kathy Keep hope to join the ranks of the 300,000 Brits who own property in France. Currently in a rental in the town of Saint Jean d'Angely in southern France, they are ready to buy and have set out to find a stone house with three or four bedrooms, a large fireplace with a swimming pool or space to add one. With a budget of about US$550,000, they've enlisted UK expatriate Matthew Barry to help them find them a house.


    • Matthew Barry, Agent, Charente Immobilier
      Website: http://charenteimmobilier.com/
      Address: 1 Rue du Conde, Place du Chateau
      16200 Jarnac France
      Phone: +33 545-326-279
      E-mail: matthew@charente-immobilier.com