A slower pace in Portugal

Episode HHINT-2213H

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Paul and Wendy Manning's work-filled, U.K. lifestyle is no longer their cup of tea. They dream of a slower pace of life and more family time with their two sons, James and Daniel. Having visited Portugal, they found the town of Alvaiazere to be perfect - rural living, beautiful landscapes and a place where family comes first. And because of the low cost of living, the couple is confident their $350,000 budget will afford them a nice home. However, since they are running their U.K.-based ad business from afar, Paul and Wendy will need to supplement their income once in Portugal. This means their dream home, which already includes 4-bedrooms, a pool and close proximity to a school, must also include a rental property - their plan to make money after the move. Real estate agent Sarah Keogh knows that finding a place with everything that the Mannings want will be tough, but she tries to offer a range of choices, while ticking off as much as possible on their wish list. But will unexpected features and differences of opinion between Paul and Wendy make the journey a difficult one? Find out, when House Hunters International lands in Alvaiazere, Portugal.