A Simple Life in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Episode HHINT-3311H

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  • May 27, 2014

    1:00 PM e/p

Julie, Bob, and their four young kids have a happy and successful life in Chicago, Illinois but the daily grind was starting to wear on them. They wanted to live more simply, so after a summer spent volunteering at a Nicaraguan orphanage they found their answer: relocate to Nicaragua full time. Immersing their kids into another culture has always been a dream, so they packed five suitcases and are now ready to start a brand new life on the beaches of Central America. Bob needs to keep his business afloat remotely, but Julie wants them to be able to experience a new culture stress free. Can they find a home that gives them office space to work remotely, time for volunteering, plus a more relaxing lifestyle? Find out when House Hunters visits the tranquil shores of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.