A House For Five In Switzerland

Episode HHINT-1503H

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Antony and Stephanie met in 1989 in London through a mutual friend and were friends for eight years before they started dating. They were then married and were living together in London in a house Stephanie had bought when she was 21. Antony, a banker, has been offered a job in Switzerland and he and Stephanie have decided to take a step out of their comfort zone and move the family to Zurich. They believe that, along with a better job for Antony, it was a chance at better quality of life for them and their three daughters, Natalia, Katarina and Alexandra. Natalia, in particular, will benefit from the move. She is a special needs child and there is a school near Zurich that is known for the quality and care in which they help these kinds of students. They hope that all of these factors will make the transition and giant move they are making worth it. And they hope they can find the right home to suit their needs. Antony would like to buy something modern and sleek, while Stephanie would like an older, more traditional home. These issues, along with the culture change from England to Switzerland, will make this move challenging and exiting for their realtor Birgit Schonhofen.


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