A Family Together in France

Episode HHINT-3309H

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  • July 08, 2014

    12:30 PM e/p

Lavar and Natalia Simmons met in college. After graduation, Lavar became a professional basketball player with a team in St. Etienne France. For years, he has lived and worked in Europe while Natalia stayed behind with their two sons. Now that Tae, the older son is ready to start school, Lavar and Natalia have decided to keep the family together year round in France. In Etienne, about thirty miles south of Lyon, France, real estate agent Luc Grange has selected three properties. None is a perfect match for the Simmons' wish list. But by staying focused on what's best for their son Tae and his little brother Eli, Lavar and Natalia manage a difficult selection combining space, location and budget decisions with each house they see. For Lavar, whatever makes Natalia happy is fine with him. And for Natalia the decision means spinning problems into assets when House Hunters International brings the family together in Etienne, France.