A Couple Searches for a Family Home in Ireland

Episode HHINT-1808H

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Sean and Meghan live in Ashbourne, County Mead which is a small town in Ireland that is about a half hour from Dublin. Sean was born and raised in Ireland while Meghan is from America, but after meeting in Chicago they moved to Ireland and started a family. The couple has two children and they've decided it's time to buy a family home where they can raise their kids. Sean has his heart set on a place with a big backyard and ideally something with a project he can work on to customize to their taste. Meghan isn't as focused on finding a fixer home, but she does want a place with a nice layout for the family. Can they find a place they will both feel is right for raising their family?


    • Aine Lee
      Tormey-Lee Auctioneers
      Hunter's Lane
      Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland
      011 353 849 9458